Monday, September 12, 2011

New Penalty by Pac-12 makes Oregon into just regon

Has college football come to the time in the sport when celebrating one's own achievement with appropriate hand gestures is taunting? Yes we have on the west coast. New Pac-12 officiating consultant Mike Pereira has seen Oregon make a circle with their hands, all in good spirits, after they score a touchdown and he is  of the letter O on a football field.
New Pac-12 coordinator of officiating Mike Pereira says the Ducks signature 'O' shape the players occasionally make with their hands after a touchdown, "borderlines on unsportsmanlike conduct."
The officiating consultant of the Pac-12 conference says that he will personally call Oregon head coach Chip Kelly this week to inform his players to cut it out with the circled hand gesture or risk being flagged for a penalty in the future.

Next on the agenda for Pereira be the USC Trojans "fight on" fingers?

Guess college football fans already know what one Week 3 ESPN College Gameday sign will read Saturday morning: "O, yOu can nOt be seriOus, Mike?"

Now Oregon can go on and celebrate with their real school symbol, a Nike swoosh.

UPDATE: After this blOg, alOng with many Other blOgs, ran rampant with this stOry, Mike Periera is feeling embarrassed. He has retracted his statement. Oregon can continue being known as Oregon after each score.

This was in his statement today, "as long as it is not prolonged or directed at an opponent, it's ok." Making a O is the new middle finger in the Pac-12.

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