Saturday, September 17, 2011

Top College Gameday Signs: Week 3 (Pics)

Florida State is the location for ESPN's College Gameday this Saturday. As the #5 Seminoles will take on the #1 team in the land, Oklahoma Sooners. With the game being played in prime time on ABC, that means that Brent Musburger will be calling the game tonight. Which also means that this will be somewhat of an anniversary  when Brent Musburger found, future Brett Favre seller-outer, Jenn Sterger and her Florida State cowgirls. Did any red-blooded Americans make a sign that mentioned this special occasion on Gameday this morning?

Nope. Even with the most total signs on a single College Gameday pregame show. Sorry Bro Sports is left disappointed in all of you, college football fans who missed a prime opportunity to celebrate legendary broadcasting.

Let us check out what topics they chose instead.

Native American jokes. Instant classics.

#GamedaySigns from #CollegegGameday ... Chris Weinke and Tim Tebow

Chris Weinke has a little and too old for college Weinke.

"Nevin Shapiro is my homeboy."

#GamedaySigns from #CollegegGameday ... Chris Weinke and Tim Tebow

John Elway and John Fox do not approve.

Creativity on hand at Florida State?

Florida State keeps it simple.

Google it.

Bieber respects Jimbo's recruiting.

Watch out Fowler!

(Top Left) "Remember The Five"

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