Saturday, September 24, 2011

Top College Gameday Signs: Week 4 (Pics)

Welcome to Morgantown, West Virginia. Where all the Mountaineers fans have been drinking and sleeping in the campus grass since Thursday night, or possibly all semester. Saturday will be the first time Morgantown will host the great College Gameday show. Most likely they will get blown out by the LSU Tigers and go back into hiding with the rest of the Big East conference. (Why ESPN chose this game over Oklahoma State - Texas A&M is beyond my marketing instincts.)

Expectations, for many humorous signs, are low this week. Hopefully all the signs won't be too indecipherable by the human eye early in the morning. If Johnny  about West Virginia, "The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia" (a must see documentary), is any indication of what to expect from the state's people, there won't be that many handwritten signs. Unless a "Genocide Smith" (ESPN tweeters) gets a mention.

The ACC just "pulled the robbery."


LSU, Les Miles, Corn Dog (Google That)


Waterboy and Realignment is a Theme


Just let go Rich, Pat White has

Dan Patrick returns to ESPN

West Virginia fans are DWTS fans

A Katrina joke (too soon?)

One is a Rumor, One is a Lie

Charlie Sheen's Roast was Last Monday

"The Mullet Era:" Post Espionage Era

(Bottom, Left) "Les Miles is the Devil" - Waterboy

Recap: I'm left impressed, but not satisfied.

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  1. AnonymousNov 29, 2011 09:31 PM
    House, you are a wasted human. WV. is the only team this year to score more than 20 points on LSU. Let's see if you have the balls; check out WVU. bowl appearances, and wins. LSU only team in the SEC with enough balls to play WVU. LSU is an amazing team this year. They have earned their no. 1. You have earned 0.