Friday, October 14, 2011

Big Papi blows off Dan Patrick, due to Red Sox Questions

The lingering story of the week has been the Boston Globe piece of the being caused by the Sox players having no leaders or discipline all season. Dan Patrick, of The Dan Patrick Show, has been hyping the appearance of Red Sox star David Ortiz to appear on the show on Friday all week to answer some questions and, of course, promote whatever product he needed to promote.

Well, Friday's show came and went with no appearance of David Ortiz. For over a hour, Dan Patrick's executive producer Todd Fritz called Big Papi's people to make sure Ortiz was still coming on the show, but he just continued to delay the process. An upset Dan Patrick then decided to cut the Ortiz interview from the show due to time restrictions.

David Ortiz had went on other shows this week, so he knew what to expect from the always skillful interview techniques of Dan Patrick to get more information from a story. David Ortiz chose to balk, saying that he just wanted to promote his product and not discuss the hot topic that involves him.

It is a give and take from athletes and the media. As an athlete, you get to promote your sponsor and earn some money on the side, but you also have to answer some sports related questions. Ortiz is a veteran of interviews and understands this, but he chose to ignore common knowledge in a immature manner.

Shame to you, Papi. Nobody upsets Dan Patrick without getting "Dan Nation" against you.

(Occupy Gameday is Saturday! Get Dan Patrick Signs Ready.)

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