Saturday, October 1, 2011

Top College Gameday Signs: Week 5 (Pics)

College Gameday would like to welcome the Saturday morning viewers to "Eat S**t, F**k You" University, which is located in Madison, Wisconsin. As two top 10 Big Ten teams, Wisconsin Badgers and Nebraska Cornhuskers, prepare to battle for Big Ten supremacy for the 2011 season.

With the game being played in prime time on ABC, expect ESPN to have less than the normal total of microphones located around the stadium for crowd participation to the broadcast. Luckily for the Saturday morning ESPN watchers, crowd participation is quintessential for the College Gameday broadcast.

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We shall see if Wisconsin, and the traveling Nebraska fans, are able to carry their vulgar language taunts on a sign through the ESPN security officials.

ESPN security would of been the only ones to see this sign. "Not so fast, my friend!"

(Research!) Born in Pawnee City, Nebraska. An avid Nebraska fan.

It is more english, than math. Relax football fans.

Wisconsin weather prevents this from happening. Brrrrr!

What did Kevin Costner do?

One day... *Staring up at the clouds.

Nebraska has bigger chunks of cheese in their intestines.

Wisconsin O-line to treat them like ants? (Zoolander)

He mows better than he throws.

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