Saturday, October 8, 2011

Top College Gameday Signs: Week 6 (Pics)

College Gameday is located at Dan Beebe's gravesite of his employment this weekend. As ESPN plans to get some free advertisement of their new Longhorn Network all day as the Texas Longhorns face the Oklahoma Sooners at the annual, for now, Red River Rivalry game today. More important than the game matchup between two undefeated teams this week are going to be the anti-Big 12 signs located all around the Texas State Fair on Saturday.

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There should be some Dan Beebe gravestones, some unkind Texas A&M Aggies related signs and, most definitely, some mockery of the disgrace of a sports network known as the Longhorn Network throughout the two (three, if you watch ESPNU) hour ESPN morning show. Do not let the college football fans, and especially me (a lifelong Texan), down this week at the fat people festival, also known as the Texas State Fair.

Bevo is known to cut the cheese during games.

More decisive than "Ruling on the Field Stands."

It's o.k. bro, Bob Saget doesn't claim me either.

Would of preferred, "Texas already took 1/2 your State, now time to take your Revenue Sharing!" - LHN

He is desperate to find pants to match burnt orange.

Representing for the Dan Patrick Fans. Miss you, deep blue eyes.

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