Saturday, October 15, 2011

Top College Gameday Signs: Week 7 (Pics)

You can take Dan Patrick from Bristol, but you can't take D.P. from the ESPN fans' hearts. Occupy Gameday has finally arrived and Dan Nation is planning to raid Eugene, Oregon for the Arizona State and Oregon game just like Somalian Pirates on a British ship. ESPN security will be on the lookout for the planned raid of Dan Patrick related signs, but everyone knows ESPN is not clever enough to know when they're being mocked.

Nike University is prepared for Occupy Gameday, as you see in the video. They have had week to plan a crafty sign to be funny and maneuver around ESPN with Saturday. Make Phil Knight and, most importantly, Dan Patrick proud, since this weekend's slate of college football games are lacking excitement.

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This one goes out to Dan. (*Arms Raised) "Ohhhh, ohh, ohhhh, ohhh!"

Well played, fine sir. Winner.

Arizona is where all the hot ones go, ASU is old news.

Caught u, u lil sneaker

The wings were necessary.

ESPN is slacking: "We Smoked It All"

Should I confirm or deny this, ladies?

Hint: Occupy Gameday meaning...


ESPN just gave up today, Dan Patrick won already.

South Park and College Football mix beautifully. (Hand Clap!)

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