Saturday, October 22, 2011

Top College Gameday Signs: Week 8 (Pics)

Usually I say something snarky about a thing that makes the school where College Gameday is located did, or currently does, in the past that was humorous to hype up their ability to be vulgar, obscene or just plain funny. This week ESPN is taking to the B1G conference and parking their bus at East Lansing, Michigan, home of the Michigan State Spartans for their game against the Wisconsin Badgers. (Yawn.)

I know things about the Spartans, like Plaxico Burress, Nick Saban and a sweet logo, but nothing that is snarky enough to bring humor. All I can think of is that Oz decided to bail on his lacrosse game at Michigan State to go sing at the choir meet in American Pie with Heather. Hopefully that tidbit shows off that I am a smart al-eck within this world of college football nonsense and gets you entertained to see if East Lansing citizens can bring the humor. If they do, it would be a rare time that the B1G has ever been a positive for college football.

Three signs you should expect to see, LSU Weed, William Gholston doing a high five to another player's helmet last week, Occupy East Lansing (DP Show) and Gaddafi face. Hopefully Michigan tries to push the barrier with ESPN security with their signs, enough with the PG-13 BS.

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The rainbow on top of the Spartan is a nice touch.

His running backs battle that same issue.

He''d be in East Lansing, but he spent his money on bandanas food.

"Bret Bielema has a (that does not say ManginO)"

We all do. #OccupyGameday

Who put on his sweatpants that night? (Just saying.)

At least he didn't say, "I'm transferring to Michigan."
(*It says "I'm no longer enrolled here.")

Ohhhh, can any witnesses confirm or deny this?

Which allegation is worse?

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"Erin Andrews make me a sandwich" was another good one.

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agreed erin andrews make me a sandwich was the best one there

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