Saturday, October 29, 2011

Top College Gameday Signs: Week 9 (Pics)

College Gameday was waiting for the perfect time to "Suck for Luck" themselves this year. Instead of waiting for the big Oregon Ducks and Stanford Cardinals game later this year, they chose to rather have their QB dream matchup of the year with Andrew Luck versus Matt Barkley at the USC Trojans campus. Where the NCAA can take away their postseason but they can't take away their warm fall weather and tan girls in tight white long sleeves.

The guest picker today is the big, gay guy from Modern Family (Eric Stonestreet), even though Dan Patrick has confirmed that he will be in the area at that hour. Expect to see Lane Kiffin try to get as much camera time as he can get before he focuses on upsetting Stanford later today. As well as expect Andrew Luck to get the most lovey dovey Gameday segments in College Gameday history since A.T. (After Tebow).

Although the football team is not family friendly, expect the crowd signs to be. Rumor is that ESPN security has boosted their efforts in taking signs all morning. Bummer, dude.

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Can he be a man tommorow?

Different year, same sanctions, err, I mean sign

You know you love this sign.

Another cool GameDay sign  @heismanwoods #USC #BeatTheFarm

Do not forget about Tiger Woods. Especially the blonde on the left.

Skinny jeans is a big accusation.

There's your Signs galore.

Well done, ESPN security.

Ohio State, North Carolina, Miami, Oregon, LSU know what you're talking about.

"We all get it in, Kim Kardashian" - Marc Tyler

Breaking News: Lee Corso hates kids

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