Sunday, November 27, 2011

48 years Later, CFL Grudge continues with Retirees Fist and Weaponry Fighting (Video)

As you will hear at the end of the video, Canadian Football League and College Football Hall of Famer Joe Kapp, 73, is trying to let go of the bad blood he has against Angelo Mosca after a controversial hit on the field nearly 48 years ago. Just two days before the big CFL Grey Cup, at the CFL Alumni Legends Luncheon in Vancouver on Friday, Joe and Angelo relieved some of their mental angst in a physical way.

Unfortunately for the trash-talking, cane-swinging, Mosca, the only thing Kapp let go was a right hand to the jaw that sent the 74 year old CFL Hall of Famer, and former professional wrestler (King Kong Mosca), off the stage and under the banners. He is now second-guessing why he did not accept Kapp's peace offering of a flower?

Sportsmanship indeed, Joe. Let's see another QB knock out a DT these days. Only in Canada. Well, unless Carson Palmer is finally ready to settle the score with Kimo Von Oelhoffen?

Even more importantly than the honored legends of the game, the CFL Super Bowl, the 99th Grey Cup, is today!

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