Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Beware Texas A&M Officials Ridiculing Eachother on Texas A&M Message Boards

Previously this month, the Texas A&M Aggies officials had e-mails leaked that showed them on all their BS that induced them to want to go to the SEC. Now comes, yet, another story that shows the school officials prefer to call out and heckle one another, including the school president, :
Jeff Toole, who also serves as the school's senior associate athletic director, described Loftin as a "putz" and a "hopelessly underqualified puppet" over the summer under the alias UtayAg.
Toole was outed Tuesday on the website by a poster dubbed "iPanic" who searched UtayAg's posting history, and found one from more than a year ago where UtayAg identified himself as the CFO of A&M athletics.
"I was posting what I thought was an anonymous opinion," Toole said Tuesday afternoon, adding of his prior admittance of his job as A&M athletics CFO under the UtayAg handle, "That slipped my mind."
The SEC is message board central of college football. Welcome to the SEC, Texas A&M.

A spokesman in Loftin’s office, responded via e-mail (via the ): “President Loftin is aware of the posts and discussed the situation with Athletic Director Bill Byrne this afternoon. At this point, we are handling this situation as a personnel matter, and we will decline to comment further, in accordance with our standard practice.”

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Anonymous said...

Mike Davis of Texas was so close to the sideline on that play. He was inches going out of bounds. The A&M defender could have given Davis the slightest nudge and he would have gone out of bounds easily. That would have been the smartest move on A&M's part because it would have beyond a shadow of a doubt taken the referees out of the equation. The A&M defender was more interested in laying the lumber on the Texas receiver Davis on the sideline. It was overkill and the crown head shot thus came into play. It's not like Davis was in the middle of the field or even close to the sideline. He was almost out of bounds when the A&M defender hit him high.

Anonymous said...

So your saying he was still in the field of play and got hit by an opponent.............

The way the game is meant to be played.

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