Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Craig James Rids himself of ESPN Viewers Backlash, Now faces Texas Politics Backlash

The face of smear campaigns, Craig James, is ready to campaign, yet again, for his own benefit. The longtime ESPN college football talker has left ESPN on his own terms (?) because of a bigger goal in his life; Texas politics. Craig James will file in Texas for the primary by end of day Thursday.

Glad to bring you the tremendous national news. With me being from Houston, Texas, I have to continue the, now, local fight to #FireCraigJames from his own political campaign. Although I do not have to worry too much, he still has a righteous lawsuit to win by Mike Leach before he ever has a chance at becoming a Senator.

For all the other Texans, who can vote, if it ever did come down to Craig James (R) versus another guy for the seat, write in Bruce Feldman. (Remember the Five!) Adam James would even agree with this.

Beware the fact that if he does lose the Republican primary, he may return to ESPN. Can Americans ever escape?

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