Sunday, December 18, 2011

Golf Cart > Texas High School Football Championship Bystanders (Video)

This is my homestate of Texas. In this lovely state, we love high school football with a passion that is unreal.

During the Texas 5A Division II State Championship game with Spring Dekaney and Cibolo Steele today, one maintenance member at Jerry World in Dallas must of been lost in his passion of football from the day of games at the stadium and let his guard down for a brief moment. Due to this mistake, a golf cart took the field while many Texan bystanders were in harm's way on the playing field.

The unmanned cart traveled across the field during the post-game interviews at the 50 yard line, which is why the bystanders all seem distracted while the cart heads directly towards their thighs and hips.

(Slow motion and even more aftermath of crash.)

The head coach of Dekaney, Willie Amendola, is the one that ends up thrown into the driver's seat of the cart during all the havoc. Luckily for Amendola, he was celebrating a 34-14 state championship win just a few moments before he was ran over.

"Full Hearts, Clear Eyes, Can't Lose Drive?"

Side-Note: Although bizarre, this video is a close second to the most infamous Texas High School Football State Championship moment in history:

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