Thursday, December 15, 2011

Scott Van Pelt allows Mike Leach to Discuss Craig James

Do I really need to premise the awful feelings Mike Leach, along with college football fans, has towards former ESPN personality, current  wanna-be, Craig James? The two have become tied together over one of the most despicable uses of industry power in sports history. Mike Leach does not even have to mention Craig James' name to show you how infuriated he is towards the man.

After a book and time out of college football after the disgrace of a firing at Texas Tech, Mike Leach has ended up at Washington State to coach the Cougars football team. Being head coach of a division-1 football team comes duties for national radio interviews.

With Craig James leaving ESPN to take his lack of integrity to last place in Texas politics earlier this week, ESPN's The Scott Van Pelt Show took advantage to get Mike Leach to hop on the radio with him for a segment. Van Pelt sets the Pirate Leach up with a question about why he waited a year to coach again, and Leach swung his sword at the live bait.

Here's a transcript of Leach's answer:
"Obviously the smearing and the passing along of misinformation definitely had a chilling effect. I think also as the information comes out, everybody's seen my position is entirely accurate, I think that's clarified a lot of things. But when you have a national broadcaster, I think we all know who I'm talking about -- he thinks he's going to be senator -- dissatisfied with his son's playing time and used ESPN as a platform to fire a sitting head coach, then hired a PR firm before he even complains about everything, obviously there's going to be some negative information passed around. It's all proven to be false and I think the majority of people see it that way. I think that it's all turned out well, but it's unfortunate that I had to squander two years of my career just for kind of selfish personal interests." []
Who has a job now? - Mike Leach

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  1. TTU made a huge mistake by firing Mike, they will never recover!

  2. Mike Leach can point his finger at whomever he chooses. The fact remains that he was experiencing severe conflict on the team at the time, in addition to the "James Incident". For example he called some of the players girlfriends fat, chastice them for tweets, enforced rules that required them to be on time to meetings (this is a good thing BTW) however, he himself was notorious for arriving to the meetings late himself. A classic example of a coch he believs that his "system" was the reason the team was so great and resented the players getting more credit then he on the wins.

  3. I wish you the best, Coach. You did well for TTech, you take chances, you speak your mind, all good stuff.

    Shame on the broadcaster for misusing his public position. I will not vote for him for Senator.