Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wofford Returners do not take Knees, They Should (Video)

You think the yearly new rule book just confuses you?

Wofford's Stephon Shelton receives the kickoff inside the endzone and does not realize that knees are still a must in college football on deep kickoffs. After it was recovered by Northern Iowa's Phil Wright for a touchdown, fans are left amazed by Shelton's blunder. Even the referee is amazed by the game-changing gaffe.

Northern Iowa went onto win the game 28-21, sending Wofford out of the FCS playoffs this season. His excuse could be that he has never seen a FCS kicker actually make it to the endzone on a kick before.

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  1. Anonymous
    Obviously the coach never mad sure the players knew what to do ----------- very sad .
  2. Betcha he'll take a knee NEXT time---if there IS a next time...PEACE.
  3. Probably can't diagram a sentence either
  4. Wofford is where Jerry Richardson, the owner of the Carolina Panthers graduated. Bet he'll be pulling his money back for that mistake.
  5. It is painful losing to a team we should have beat by 3 TD's..."better lucky than good"...