Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bama Fan Teabagged a Passed-Out, Dead(?), LSU Fan

The Man: of the man claiming credit to being the Alabama Elephants douchebag teabagger. As you can tell by the title of the Youtube video, he is in a gloating mood.

The Location: Krystal restaurant at the mouth of Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

Line of the Video: "This guy's life is over." Supposedly the LSU Tigers fan has since died, not of humiliation, but of unnatural causes.

(Thursday: 1-19-12 - LSU Victim calls Finebaum (Audio))

Nobody approves of this action, getting too drunk on Bourbon Street without friends to help carry you home. Now to hear that the man actually might be dead, now the disapproved action is on the Alabama Elephants fan. Your first reaction should be to check his pulse to make sure he is okay before you go skin-on-skin. Shame to all the Bama Bangs wearing fans in attendance of the harassment act (pending death certificate).

Just point and laugh at him like the other 95% of America would have done there. Bobby Hebert even has to agree that you all are more idiotic than Les Miles. The next thing this guy should teabag is a bear trap.

UPDATE: Of Course this story advances more interestingly.


  1. AnonymousJan 16, 2012 09:24 PM
    Um...hope ya like being on the sex offender's list dude. Posting that on youtube was almost as dumb as doing it. Maybe you Bama fans better stay home and entertain the sheep next game.