Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jim Harbaugh kisses Sean Payton after 49ers Win

Jim Harbaugh brings the two E's to the NFL, enthusiasm and entertainment. Following Alex Smith becoming a star NFL QB (told  ever since Utah) and defeating the New Orleans Saints, the head coaches headed off to the center of the field for another classic Harbaugh "firm" palm handshake. Not so fast, less words were exchanged and more football (?) passion was given.

This is why Jim Harbaugh and the San Franscico 49ers can do whatever the hell they want today without people mocking them. Vernon Davis! Alex Smith! Jim Harbaugh playcalling!

And yes, Vernon Davis did have tears of joy. Must have lead to Harbaugh feeling so gushy over the victory:


  1. Anonymous
    Excuse me, but you have that reversed. I saw it from the other angle .. clearly Harbaugh stopped to listen to Payton and Payton planed one on his lips. So sweet!
  2. Anonymous
    It was an awesome game!
  3. Anonymous
    I thought they kissed but wasnt sure with the camera view. HAHAHA!