Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kevin Durant and Lebron James still make NBA GMs Drool

For the last decade, Lebron James reigned as the player who any NBA team would love to start a franchise with. Then last season, Kevin Durant dropped about 30 points per game and opened some eyes, which led to him being the new face of NBA franchise-starting players. The NBA continued their survey this season and asked all the NBA GMs, if you were starting a franchise and could sign any player, who would it be?

(Survey also holds 100 other questions/answers.)
    T1. Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City — 37.0% T1. LeBron James, Miami — 37.0% 3. Derrick Rose, Chicago — 14.8% 4. Dwight Howard, Orlando — 7.4% 5. Dwyane Wade, Miami — 3.7%
You would think Kevin Durant and LeBron James were playing on the same level this season according to that poll. Not so fast, according to this answer:
Who is the best small forward in the NBA?
1. LeBron James, Miami -- 77.8%2. Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City -- 18.5%
3. Carmelo Anthony, New York -- 3.7%
So pretty much, LeBron James is the guy any NBA GM would take to run their franchise with, as long as Nike, Fourth Quarters and fan backlash were not involved.
Both players have 0 championships, but, arguably, two of the top 3 teams in the NBA. Following this season, one will, most likely, seperate themselves from the other. Pending Russell Westbrook desire to be on this list.


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