Monday, January 2, 2012

Kris Humphries vs. Gay and Serial Killer Communities

Ryan Seacrest has stirred up even more controversy on behalf of "NBA Superstar(?)" Kris Humphries due to the Kardashian fame. Last night's episode of Kardashians Take New York Kris Humphries talked to Kimberly Kardashian's friend about his sexuality due to his passion for candles and lack of passion for bringing women to the bedroom.

Instead of handling the sexuality question with a Seinfeld manner , Humphries uses some offensive terminology, "fishy," "impossible he isn't (gay)" and "either gay or a serial killer."

Why is it so hard to not laugh at the serial killer line?

He is getting backlash from everyone over the episode that seems to be more intended to make the (gay?) friend of the Kardashians get some paparazzi off his back about his sexuality. In all reality, rather than the show's reality, Ryan Seacrest and the E! producers just made Kris Humphries moral compass even more jeopardized following the debacle of an financial wedding plot.

The video from the episode is just two minutes long and I'm already exhausted from listening to the conversations these people are staged to have. Judge for yourself if he is in the wrong or is just curious to know the truth about his ex-wife's friend.

Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld writing > Ryan Seacrest, E! writing


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Kris Humphries is an idiot, period!!!!

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