Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Toledo Band Dweeb wants to Give a Northern Illinois Player 8 Years in Prison for Trucking Him during Introductions

Updating a 2011 throwback college football season story, Toledo band geeks are still weak. On the far right of the screen when the trucking occurs, you will witness just another band geek getting pushed around by a jock, freshman linebacker Jamaal Bass, as he finishes up warm-ups for the huge MACtion game. Well, those three years he has remaining with Northern Illinois are in jeopardy as a Toledo band member wants to give him 8 years in the slammer:
Northern Illinois athletics director Jeff Compher said freshman linebacker Jamaal Bass’ status on the football team has not changed after criminal charges were filed Friday for hitting Toledo band members exiting the field before a November football game. ”
Bass was indicted by a Lucas County grand jury Friday on one count of felonious assault and one count of misdemeanor assault, according to a report Monday in the Toledo Blade. The felonious assault charge carries a maximum sentence of up to eight years in prison. The university said Bass was to be suspended from the following game, but the expension was extended to three games after NIU learned the band members received concussions.
After all of this, does this mean all those cheerleaders who get trampled by football players running through banners have a case? These cases may change football warm-ups and introductions as we know it. 


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